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Excellence of Things®

EoT- Excellence of Things® is a FREE 'copyrighted' and 'registered' framework for digital transformation. EoT is also a 'framework of frameworks' that can be utilized for building or integrating frameworks in any organizations regardless of nature, complexity, and size.


EoT Framework for Digital Transfomation

There are two types of EoT elements ‘core’ and ‘non-core’ – that help an organization to transform digitally and add value to the business through ‘Satisfied Employees and Customers’, ‘Optimized Processes’ and ‘Digital-Paradigms’.  


EoT Principles

Four principles of EoT – People-oriented, Process-driven, Technology-passionate and Holistic- are developed based on research. Principles shall be upheld for the entire digital transformation journey.


ERM (EoT Reference Model)

ERM consists of TFAs (Transformative Focus Areas) or building blocks in three dimensions – CoT (Corporate of Things/People), LoT (Lean of Things/ Processes) and DoT (Data of Things/ Technology) and in four layers (Strategic, Tactical, Operational and Monitoring). TFAs shall be properly identified for digital transformation journey.


ECAM (EoT Capability Assessment Model)

ECAM assesses the capability of TFAs in three dimensions – CoT (Corporate of Things/People), LoT (Lean of Things/ Processes) and DoT (Data of Things/ Technology). 

EoT® in Practice


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About Us

EoT® Sphere is a FREE research site for assisting the business community toward the digital transformation and IT transformation journey. Regardless of nature, size, and complexity; any business organization can utilize EoT for its digital transformation journey. EoT® is free for all, but not for commercial usages.

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